Appointments are now being delivered online, by telephone, or dependent on personal circumstances, and with social distancing, in person face to face in both Stroud and Cheltenham. Please do feel free to contact me to discuss the best option for yourself.


Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Gender Queer, Fluid, Non-Binary, A-Sexual, Questioning, Queer and Intersex clients is an area of work I am very passionate about, and welcome their diversity into my practice. I work with adults, young people, and children when appropriate, in these areas, as well as the partners and parents of LGBTQI+ individuals.

I have experience supporting LBGTQI+ clients professionally across a number of roles, as well as in my therapeutic work, and personally in my journey through my own life and bring with me many years of lived experience. Alongside that experience I have also completed training specific to working with gender and sexual diversity, and am a member of the Gendered Intelligence Network of Therapists and Counsellors.

Whether you are reading this questioning or confused about your own sexual or gender identity, or those issues are years behind you and it is other difficulties that bring you to read this today, know that you will be made to feel welcome. My approach to working with gender, sexual and relationship diversity is an affirmative one.


Some of the issues I have worked with include exploration of sexual and gender identities, coming out, transition, non-binary identities, HIV, relationships, family conflict, sex and porn addiction and discrimination.

Sometimes we just struggle with all the other challenges that life throws us, not related to sexuality and gender, but just feel it would be helpful to work with someone with lived experience, someone who will be able to really meet you where you are in your life.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.